Three great value beers for the weekend

Aldi beersAlways on the lookout for a beer bargain, I was checking out the drink section of my local Aldi store recently to see if there was anything suitable for a chilled out afternoon in the garden with friends and family on a beautiful sunny Sunday.

A few bottles caught my eye, so I bought a small selection (silly not to!) to keep us going throughout the weekend.  Some were great, some less so, but all seemed to be good value for money.

It didn’t turn out to be a beautiful sunny Sunday, but we certainly enjoyed the beers, if not the weather.  Here is my list of the top three great value beers, and why we loved them.

  • Theakstons Old Peculier.  Dark, strong and ‘northern’ (can I say that?), this ale is always a crowd-pleaser.  It’s had a loyal following of fans for years, and rightly so. Made with wheat as well as barley this is a smooth, solid and dependable beer – slightly sweet with a bitter finish.  This was the strongest of the three at 5.8% ABV, and amongst our friends, the most popular of the ones we bought.  Aldi’s price for a 500ml bottle was £1.49.
  • Bateman’s Triple XB.  A golden-coloured bitter made with barley and wheat malts, this one is peppery and bitter-tasting.  It was the lightest of the three we chose, both in style and in alcohol content, although at 4.8% it’s certainly no lightweight.  It was the most refreshing of the three, and possibly the most appropriate for an afternoon in the garden with a barbeque.  We bought this from Aldi at the bargain price of £1.39 for 500ml.
  • Wychwood Hobgoblin.  The flagship beer from the Wychwood stable, this is a dark copper-coloured ale that’s rich and complex with a hoppy finish. Another strongish beer at 5.2% ABV, this is an ale that slips down very nicely, and great value at 99p for a 300ml bottle.
Hope you like this selection – we enjoyed all three in different ways, even more so because we were getting such a bargain!

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