The best travel destinations for beer!

If you’re a fan of beer and travelling, then why not consider combining your two loves and having a beer holiday! There are many places around the world famous for their take on this popular drink – so many places to explore and experience! If anything, the very creation of beer (through the simple combination of four ingredients: water, barley, yeast and hops) is remarkable enough to want to learn more about it and celebrate its production!

So where can you go to enjoy beer in all its glory? There are so many great locations with events and celebrations happening all year long! Here are just a few to consider:

Ireland: Dublin is home to the famous Guinness beer, so if you like ‘the black stuff’ you’ll love visiting this city for sure. They say a pint of Guinness never tastes better than when you drink it direct from the brewery, so why not go and test the theory for yourself?  You can book tours around the beer factory (for quite an affordable price) and the tour ends in their glass bar at the top of the building with a free pint of the good stuff. It’s a must-do experience for any beer fan!

Australia: Best known in Britain for their Foster’s lager (‘the amber nectar’), although this beer is more popular in the UK than Australia, their drink of choice is definitely lager.  This country is a long way to travel just for a beer, but it’s well worth a visit. In Australia you get the beer and the Aussie culture too – sun, sea and sand.

Germany: If you’ve ever heard of Oktoberfest, you’ll find it in Munich. Many countries try to emulate this famous German beer festival but no one is yet to out-do the original. Oktoberfest is a mad few days but a great experience for any beer fan! Expect girls dressed up as beer-maids and lots of dancing on tables!  It’s perfect for a week get-away, being just a short plane ride away. How about combining Oktoberfest with a trip to Dublin too? If you can handle it!

England: No list of beer locations would be complete without a mention of the UK. If you head to London you could do a Monopoly pub-crawl and try out some of the best ales and lagers the country has to offer. London prices are high – but so is the quality of the beer too, so you won’t be disappointed!

The most important thing on a “beer holiday” is enjoying yourself and being responsible at the same time. If you plan on drinking a lot in your destination, be sure you can get a taxi home (and don’t drive) and make sure your fellow travellers get home safely too. It might also be worth carrying a business card from your hotel, so you can pass it over easily and quickly when you need to get back!

This is a guest post by Elle-Rose, who works for No1 Traveller as a travel writer.

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