BrewDog releases anti-Olympics beer

The self-styled bad boys of beer are at it again!  Never ones to steer clear of controversy, their latest marketing stunt takes a pot shot at corporate sponsorship of the Olympics. Their newest beer ‘Never Mind The Anabolics’, supposedly contains a number of ‘performance enhancing’ substances, many of which are banned to Olympic athletes.  These include creatine, guarana, ginseng, kola nut, matcha tea, maca powder and gingo; rumour has it that the first release of the beer even included steroids, although it is unclear whether this version actually went on sale to the general public. A limited release beer, this is a 6.5 % India Pale Ale – if you really want to give it a try, it is on sale online and on draft in all BrewDog bars.

The point of the campaign is to show their disapproval of what they consider to be inappropriate corporate sponsorship of this major sporting event by fast food companies, manufacturers of sweet fizzy drinks and corporate brewing giants.  It has to be said, they do have a point – burgers, sugary drinks and mass-produced lager aren’t what you would normally expect a world-class athlete to be indulging in!  However, with the Olympics taking place on home turf, and with the huge support that the Games has received from the public, I’m not sure they’ve actually caught the mood of the nation.

If you want to try a beer that has – albeit tongue-in-cheek – claims to ‘enhance your performance’, then this is the one for you.  Timed to perfection, with doping allegations yet again in the news, this is probably a beer designed to be a marketing sensation rather than a taste sensation!

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