Brewery tour and gift for two

Brewery tour and giftHere’s a great value daytime trip for all beer lovers! You and a friend will be taken on a fascinating tour of the brewery to see how the ales are made, and you will learn about the brewing process and the history of the brewery itself and the beers it produces.  You will have the opportunity to sample some of the finest ales, and at the end you will be given a gift to take home, as a reminder of the trip.  This gift normally contains a selection of the ales produced by the brewery.

This is a walking tour of the brewery, and the trip takes place on dates throughout the year.  You can expect the tour to last about 2 hours.

It is currently available at two locations:

  • Faversham, Kent
  • Tongham, Surrey

Buy brewery tour and gift for two  Price : £49.00 

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