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Types of ale – a guide for the novice beer drinker

Not everyone that enjoys beer is an expert in the different types of ale available, their background, and the differences between them. For those who don’t know their porter from their barley wine, here is a brief introductory guide to some of the different ale types that you might come across.

Staffordshire Brewery traditional craft ales gift pack

This gift pack of three of the most popular beers from Staffordshire Ales makes a great gift for beer drinkers, and contains a great selection of ales from their range. This pack contains three 500ml bottles of premium craft ales, brewed in small batches in the Staffordshire village of Cheddleton. Delivered in attractive gift packaging […]

BrewDog vs. Diageo in awards fiasco

I was intrigued to hear about the fiasco at the British Institute of Innkeeping’s Scottish award ceremony recently.  In a clear case of an industry giant flexing its muscles against a smaller rival, the events went something like this: BrewDog, the iconic Scottish brewery based in Aberdeen, was chosen to receive the prize for ‘Bar […]

Tring Brewery – profile of a local legend

Tring Brewery is a small local brewery that prides itself on its Hertfordshire roots, and focuses on providing excellent beers to consumers and pubs in the local area. After taking one of their brewery tours, here’s why we loved this well-hidden gem. With their wide range of cask and bottled ales and their enthusiasm and passion for their craft, a tour of Tring Brewery is a must if you’re in the Hertfordshire area.

A brief history of beer

Beer is a drink that’s popular the world over, but have you ever wondered about the origins of your favourite tipple?  You may be surprised to know that beer has a history that goes back many millennia, and its evolution into the drink that we are familiar with began about 4000 BC. As soon as […]

Top 5 UK beer festivals for 2012

Summer is the time for beer festivals in the UK!  CAMRA is running 23 festivals in May alone, with a further 14 in June, so if you’re taking an early holiday this year, or just fancy something to do at the weekend, then check out one of these events.  With many of these taking place […]

The best travel destinations for beer!

Here are a few of the best holiday destinations for beer lovers. Try a trip to Ireland to sample the famous Guinness at the brewery, or how about a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest? If you’re a beer fan, then what could be better than a beer-themed holiday?